Envisioning a wonderful space.

With a just few days left before decisions are made by ten or so individuals decide the future of the Lower Field for the people or for the developer, people are imagining what could happen in this wonderful space.

The plan from Totnes Town Council is to secure the site for the town and follow up with a consultation to find out what the priorities of the people are regarding the best use of the space. Critics have raised concerns about costs for this however improvements to the area including the Elmhirst Building can be managed on a very small budget. Contrary to some commentary I’ve seen, the building structure is actually in good order.

Shereon Knowles has put together her ideas for how the space could be used and has provided us with images as below – What do you think?

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Outline Plan
‘Mood Board’ Ideas
Shereons’ Plan in Context

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  1. Caroline Bradshawsays:

    I believe the Elmhurst Centre should become a centre for children and young people. (Everything from therapy to training). The remaining site could be sports facility for young people as well as horticultural use. I know funding seems impossible right now, but this should not stop such a vision for the future.

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