Hello Again!

We’ve been very quiet in public for quite a while but there’s lots to catch up on and lots still to come…

What’s happened up to now?
As you will probably already know, the green space opposite KEVICC and above the Dart is still there without cranes, diggers and angle grinders.Last year, we successfully campaigned to pause development on the site by uncovering substantial irregularities in the running of Dart Valley Learning Trust (DVLT) and advising the Secretary of State for Education of these issues.

The Secretary of State is now taking the necessary time to investigate our concerns and make a decision on whether to grant permission to sell. In addition, we galvanised widespread support in the Totnes community, with more than 2000 signatures on a petition and a consultation which showed 94% support for a community-based solution for the field.

KEVICC are now absorbed and run by an academy, Education South West (ESW) who have fixed the most urgent issues at the school, however the school still needs substantial works and improvements. The Lower Field is now owned by ESW who, as we understand it, are continuing to secure permission from the Secretary of State to allow the commercial sale of the space for development once more.

Sadly, Totnes Town Council are no longer in a position to buy the land alone. This is because interest rates have gone through the roof. If KEVICC had done the deal we originally campaigned for, our community would now very affordably own the space. But that’s in the past and what’s done is done.
So that’s it then, it’s all over?
No. It really isn’t.
WTF are changing from a campaign group to a constituted association with the aim of bringing a group of interested parties together to save this crucial area for the town. This includes South Hams District Council, Totnes Town Council, Education South West, local community organisations and very importantly YOU! –

We need your help. More on that later…
What can we do?
At WTF!, we strongly believe we can put together a financially viable solution that is good for everyone involved. ESW could receive a fair price for the space, to do much needed school improvements that our children deserve, and we can save the green space in perpetuity for the benefit of KEVICC students, the whole Totnes community and our visitors. We have arranged a meeting with Anthony Mangnall and have made numerous connections within SHDC,  the Town Council and several other groups.
Finally, What can you do?
We really need your support.
Times are very hard right now for a lot of people and people are tired of battling. But getting this space back for the citizens of Totnes, as originally gifted by the Elmhirsts, is as important as it ever was.

Developments have, and continue to, surround our town, so we must do everything we can to save the ever diminishing open spaces that remain. We have a lot of ideas already but we want to know what you think. Your input will help us put a formal public consultation together later.

Below is an email link. Please click it and tell us your thoughts – we really want to know:

What do you think should happen in the field and surrounding area, that will benefit the townspeople and, ideally, is financially viable .

What would you like to see there?

Do you have a super-power* (architect, urban designer, marketing guru etc ) and would you like to join us on the team?

Why you want to keep this as a community green space.

*People without superpowers are more than welcome too!1

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