What is the field exactly?

There have been a few comments made that there is some confusion about the space we are campaigning for and this post is here to fully explain.

Kevicc Land sale proposals

The space in question comprises sections ‘E’ and ‘F1’. As headmaster Mr Salt pointed out at the public meeting, drawing a line from the top corner of the all weather court to tne next corner toward the town will give an idea of the area.

The remaining sections, ‘G’ & ‘F2’ are not wholly owned by the Dart Valley Learning Trust and are leased from Dartington Estate and so are no part of the proposed land sales – this is the description from the consultation particulars: “This area is not being considered for development and the proposal is to retain this area under College ownership but to seek proposals from local groups to establish community use arrangements with a view to managing this area as a new community asset, available to be used both in the College day and at evenings and weekends. Developments elsewhere may trigger a need to relocate some car parking and changing facilities to this location to facilitate its use as a community asset. “

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  1. […] Although the evidence clearly shows massive support within the Totnes community, in a tiny minority of facebook comments, it has been implied that the WTF team are hampering or preventing the school from achieving thier work to raise funds for improvements and restructuring. This is simply not true. In a communication to parents of pupils at the school, Headmaster Alan Salt has suggested there has been “misleading information” although we have, to our knowledge, yet to publish or say anything untrue. Mr Salt seemed concerned at the public meeting about invoking the term “Lower Field” as misleading, although we have always been very clear about the definition. […]

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