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The ‘Why This Field’ campaign is fully supportive of Kevicc.

The objective of the WTF campaign is – in support of Totnes Town Council (TTC) – to save the upper part of the Lower Field and the Elmhirst Building for the people of Totnes. We have recently come across suggestions in social media and elsewhere that the campaign team – and its many supporters in the town (91% of 580 respondents to our consultation support the objectives of WTF) – are somehow against KEVICC or seek to purposefully or inadvertently thwart KEVICC’s ambitions to improve and develop its estate. As we have stated on many occasions, this is not the case at all. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate this:

  • The WTF campaign is entirely supportive of KEVICC as the Totnes community college. Many within the team have direct and positive past and present relationships with the school and senior staff at the school.
  • The WTF campaign is also entirely supportive of KEVICC’s ambitions to renovate and improve the school site. We agree with the school that this is essential.
  • While it is a bitter pill to swallow, the campaign team is also well aware that the land sale is probably the only feasible way to fund the necessary improvements to the school.
  • The WTF team also acknowledges that most of the land will need to be sold for private development, most likely as housing. Up to 130 houses on the KEVICC land is part of the Local Plan and the WTF team respects this.
  • All we are asking is that the KEVICC governors take advantage of the £2.5M bid and proposal that has been submitted by TTC for the upper part of the Lower Field (and Elmhirst Building).
  • This bid has been prepared on a fully commercial basis as if the land was being sold for private development. Thus, there is no reason to think that acceptance of the TTC bid would in any way hinder KEVICC’s ability to raise the £7M that it requires to implement its plans.
  • Indeed, given the complexity of private developer bids and sales, with their emphasis on delayed and contingent payments, there is good reason to think that the TTC bid offers KEVICC the opportunity to realise the £2.5M income with a rapidity and certainty that will not be there in the case of private sales.
  • The WTF campaign seeks a win-win outcome in which KEVICC is able to renovate and improve its estate and the top part of the Lower Field and Elmhirst Building are saved and improved for the people of Totnes.

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