What The Field means to me: Kevin Burchell

I love the Lower Field.

The views north are amazing, those wonderful hills and trees. I love walking there, sometimes on my own, sometimes with my son and sometimes with the dog. I walk on the field itself and across the field to access the footpaths in both directions along the Dart (looking out for the seals along the way).

It’s always fun to meet other people on the Lower Field, all sorts of people, many different slices of life! I am really excited about the Totnes Town Council plan to develop the field and building for community benefit.

I can really imagine the building there as a social hub for community events, music and socialising, and the field remaining for everyone to use.

The prospect of the loss of the field is absolutely horrifying, wrong on so many levels: the loss of amenity, the congestion, the pollution, the wrong kind of housing, the pressure on local services.


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