One month to save the Field!

Please support us!

This is a historically significant moment for Totnes. The Why This Field (WTF) community campaign has a simple objective. It is to achieve a win-win outcome in which two things happen:
The King Edward VI Community College (KEVICC) upper Lower Field and Elmhirst Building are saved from private development by Totnes Town Council (TTC) for the people of the town. TTC has innovative plans for a community riverside park and community building. Our own community consultation shows that 91% of townspeople support the TTC proposals.
The much-loved KEVICC is able to develop its estate so that it can provide the best education possible for young people in the town.

Time is running out now! We have just one month the convince the school governors and trustees to do something wonderful for Totnes by listening to TTC, WTF and the people of the town.

Please support us by donating to the campaign. We have incurred costs for printing leaflets and posters, badges, making banners, this website and a SurveyMonkey license. In particular, we have recently taken and acted on legal advice from a local specialist. While our advisor charges around just one third of commercial rates, this expense has still escalated rapidly.

At the end of the campaign, we will publish our accounts and donate any surplus to a local charity chosen by KEVICC students.

With YOUR generosity, we can do this together! Thank you for your support.

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