What The Field means to me: Joy Hanson


when I wandered through the meadows in the early evening, I saw a vision of what Lower School Kevicc playing field could become:-

Meadows of tranquility, where golden buttercups will bloom in midsummer with poppies and trees of paper white birch, Oak and native trees planted in memory of our loved ones, a heritage of years to come.

A place where young and old will walk and sit and meet each other on round picnic table, accessible to all.

A bower wooden structure crafted by local carpenters giving shelter should Devon’s drizzle set in on an autumn afternoon.

A platform where local musicians can entertain us in a summer evening or poets (like Matt Harvey) create our thoughts in rhyme.

A community garden where all ages can gather and sow seeds of salads, beans and blackcurrants to harvest and make jam.

An orchard of apple trees to pick and crunch.

Help us to create your vision of what Redworth Meadows shall become!

It takes time and energy, but it shall be done.

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