Next Campaign Meeting: Wednesday 6th July


First of all, thank you for supporting our campaign to save the Kevicc Lower Field section and Elmhirst Building (Site E and F1 in the image below) from the developers and bring it into the rightful ownership of the town as a critically important green space. 

This option matches development value of the land and would ensure that KEVICC will not lose out by a single penny financially and they’re able to sell the remaining parcels of land for further fundraising which we believe is a ‘win’ for all involved.

So, it is up to the townspeople to ensure that the governors at Kevicc make the best decision for both the School & The Community. Once this space is gone, we lose it forever. 

We need to work hard for this and it requires time, a little money and most of all ENERGY!

We’re having an open campaign meeting this Wednesday, opening the Civic Hall doors at 6:30. It will feature an update on the situation as it stands now from the WTF group and partly a forum for ways anyone can get involved in aspects of the group.

We would be delighted if you can come along to help us achieve the best outcome for all involved.

Thank You Again!

Peter Shearn of Why This Field Campaign Team 

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