What The Field means to me: Victoria Trow

I love the Lower Field not so much for what it is as what it could become.

Victoria Trow

I see an obstacle course – ropes and bit of wood and hanging tyres, that sort of thing – winding it’s way around the perimeter, great for kids big and small; I see cultivated sections, flowers, trees, and benches where people old and young sit like they do on benches in so many towns;

I see a football pitch in the bottom corner maybe, where balls can be kicked or frisbees flicked;

I see steps and ramps built over the tree roots down to the river path, much used by the kayak and paddle board community- who do their thing then come back into the park for a coffee;

I see tables and chairs along the terrace outside the Elmhurst building, with people having coffee, cake, a bite of lunch;

I see a community centre offering courses – yoga, painting, singing etc – by day; and hosting arts events by night.

I see a space whose time must come now, or it’s never.

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